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    Adoption of drought tolerant maize varieties under rainfall stress in Malawi

    Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2017
    This paper examines adoption of drought tolerant (DT) maize varieties under rainfall stress in Malawi using a Mundlak-Chamberlain panel Probit model with a Control Function approach. DT maize varieties is a promising technology that has the capacity to help smallholder farmers adapt to drought risks.
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    The Future of rice security under climate change

    Centre For Non-Traditional Security Studies, 2016
    Food systems are climate and weather dependent; heat stress and changes in rainfall patterns and relative humidity are likely to regulate crop yields. Elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) are likely to directly and indirectly bring new challenges to the stability and sustainability of global food production including rice.
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    Crops, crop pests and climate change - why Africa needs to be better prepared

    Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2015
    Ongoing investments in agriculture will not deliver for Africa until the destabilising nature of crop pest events, especially shock outbreak events, are addressed. As a result of climate change, the prevalence of crop pests will change and the frequency of shock pest events will increase, putting agricultural systems at risk.
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    Fertilizers and low emission development in sub-Saharan Africa

    Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2016
    Many countries in Africa included fertilizer use, soil fertility management, and agricultural inputs as part of their contributions to the Paris Climate Agreement. While nitrogen (N) fertilizers contribute substantially to nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions globally, emissions from fertilizers are still low in sub-Saharan Africa.
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    Trinidad & Tobago: assessing the impact of climate change on cocoa and tomato

    International Center for Tropical Agriculture, 2015
    Climate change is expected to result in a warmer, drier climate in the Caribbean region. The altered climate is expected to have wide-reaching impacts on agriculture.
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    Impact of climate change on agricultural production in North-West Cambodia

    In Cambodia, agriculture plays a main role to ensure food secu rity and contribute to economic growth. Currently, this sector is strongly impacted by natural disasters (drought, flood and increasing insect pests and diseases) caused by climate change influencing farmer livelihoods.
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    Developing beans that can beat the heat

    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, 2015
    In Africa and Latin America, the production of beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, which include higher temperatures and more frequent drought.
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    Adaptation to climate change in agriculture, forestry and fisheries: perspective, framework and priorities

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2007
    Climate change poses severe threats on agriculture. Even though some countries may experience beneficial change to agricultural gross domestic product (GDP), the majority, particularly developing countries, will experience significant negative impacts.
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    Farming’s climate smart future: placing agriculture at the heart of climate-change policy

    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, 2011
    This paper places agriculture at the heart of climate change policy stating that climate change is already changing the face of farming. Increases in temperature, changing patterns of rainfall, more extreme droughts and floods, and the shifting distribution of pests and diseases can all be attributed in part to the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities.
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    Environmental change and maize innovation in Kenya: exploring pathways in and out of maize

    STEPS Centre, Institute of Development Studies, 2009
    Maize is a socially, politically and economically staple crop in Kenya. This paper summarises the findings of the STEPS Environmental Change and Maize Innovation in Kenya project, which utilised maize as a window through which to explore differential responses to climate change.