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    Rating and ranking institutions: a ten-step guide for think tanks and advocacy groups

    Transparify, 2017
    Ratings and rankings have become a staple output of advocacy groups and think tanks worldwide. This document offers a quick ten-step guide on how to write and achieve maximum impact with ranking reports.
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    Gender and inclusion toolbox: participatory research in climate change and agriculture

    Climate Change Agriculture Food Security, 2016
    This manual introduces a wide range of participatory strategies and tools for research to guide the implementation of climate smart agriculture and efforts to achieve food security in rural communities.
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    Strengthening adaptive capacity to climate change: learning from practice, practionioner brief

    CARE International, 2016
    Building adaptive capacity is increasingly understood as a critical piece in successful adaptation to climate change, and there has been much conceptual debate on what it consists of. Yet, there is still lack of clarity as to what it may look like in practice.
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    Climate resilient planning toolkit: Booklet 3: worksheets

    Overseas Development Institute, 2016
    This toolkit, developed through the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme, is designed to develop and deliver health, education, water and sanitation hardware interventions that are more resilient to climate extremes and disasters. It provides a generic framework to help users:
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    Understanding gender in community-based adaptation: practitioner brief

    CARE International, 2015
    Accessing weather forecasts, having control over land, being able to influence decision-making processes, being backed by a community group, or being literate and educated are examples of the human and material resources through which people can act on the consequences of climate change.
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    A Funder’s Toolkit: Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, 2016
    The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the Declaration or UNDRIP) is the most comprehensive international instrument regarding the collective and individual human rights of Indigenous Peoples. The purpose of this toolk
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    City resilience toolkit: response to deadly heat waves and preparing for rising temperatures

    Natural Resources Defense Council, 2016
    One of the world’s deadliest heat waves devastated India in May 2015, killing more than 2,300 people. As climate change increases the frequency and severity of heat waves and the associated health risks, vulnerable, poor communities are often the hardest hit.
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    Climate information and Early Warning Systems communications toolkit

    United Nations Development Programme, 2016
    This toolkit provides National HydroMeteorological Services (NHMS), policy makers, and media and communications for development practitioners with the tools, resources and templates necessary to design and implement an integrated communications strategy.
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    Gender responsive national communications toolkit

    United Nations [UN] Environment Programme, 2015
    This toolkit is an initiative of the UNDP Gender Team and the UNDP-€“UNEP Global Support Programme. It is designed to strengthen the capacity of national government staff and assist them in integrating gender equality into the development of National Communications (NCs).
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    The pacific gender & climate change toolkit: tools for practioners

    The Pacific Community (SPC), 2016
    Gender equality is central to achieving a sustainable and resilient future for Pacific islands.This toolkit is designed to support climate change practitioners working in national governments, non-governmental organisations, regional and international organisations, integrate gender into all aspects of policy, programming and project work.