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    Engaging with the media: a companion to the Advocacy Toolkit for influencing the post-2015 development agenda

    Sustainable Development 2015, 2014
    As part of the Sustainable Development 2015 (SD2015) programme, this guide is for anyone who is working in the sustainable development sector and on the post-2015 development agenda: NGOs, CSOs, charities, private sector, governmental organisations or any other stakeholder group that might engage with the media.
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    Addressing accountability in NGO advocacy

    One World Trust, 2010
    Global and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are the most distinct organisational form of civil society, and as such have become increasingly involved and influential in forming public opinion and policy through targeted and professional campaigning and policy advocacy.
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    The NGO evidence principles 

    British Overseas NGOs for Development, 2013
    Bond, the UK membership body for NGOs working in overseas development, has evolved a set of evidence principles for assessing the quality of NGO evidence, as part of its effectiveness programme. The principles are designed to ensure that decisions about those interventions are made on the highest quality basis.
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    An introduction to the principles for assessing the quality of evidence

    British Overseas NGOs for Development, 2013
    All organisations strive to base decisions on the evidence of what actually works well. NGOs are no different. This brief from Bond provides a set of principles designed by NGOs, for NGOs that aim to set a common standard for the assessing the quality of evidence of NGO performance: The five principles:
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    Share and share alike: evaluating networks

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2002
    Networking has expanded considerably in recent years as the value of ‘knowledge’ is increasingly recognised in the development arena.