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    Pathways to global impact: Tracing the impacts of development research funded by the Research Council of Norway

    Research Council of Norway / Norges forskningsråd, 2017
    Norwegian development research is widely used and applied in various settings, both in national contexts and not least internationally. However, many users seem unable to absorb and exploit the variety of research performed in the area.Better mechanisms for interaction between users and researchers are needed, both outside and within the funding arenas.
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    Review of post-crisis Multi-Donor Trust Funds

    Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD, 2007
    This paper sets out the main findings of a joint review of MDTF performance in post-crisis situations and seeks to identify what arrangements work best. It concludes that MDTFs have been a useful instrument for joint action in post-crisis situations and that donors should consider strengthening them.
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    The polyscopic landscape of poverty research: “state of the art” in international poverty research

    Comparative Research Programme on Poverty, 2005
    This paper discusses major trends in poverty research and identifies promising research results that might form a useful base for further research on causes, processes and formations of poverty in the South.The report consists of four parts:a polyscopic landscape of poverty research, outlining the directions that some of the major actors in poverty research have taken and points to some