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    Making a difference in the real world? : A meta-analysis of research for development

    International Development Research Centre, 2018
    This analysis suggests that efforts to strengthen research capacity are positively correlated with scientific merit. Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no clear trade-off between the rigour of research, and the utility of research.
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    The independent journal, ephemera, encourages contributions that explicitly engage with theoretical and conceptual understandings of organisational issues, processes and life.
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    Measuring the willingness to pay for hazard-free e-waste management in Dhaka city, Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Online Research Network, 2011
    Electronic waste is becoming a serious threat for our surrounding environment. Integrated initiatives are needed to fight this growing concern in Bangladesh. Within this background, this paper is the second in a series, aimed at calculating the willingness to pay for hazard-free e-waste management system in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh.
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    Religion, politics and development: lessons from the lands of Islam

    Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2008
    What role has Islam historically played to promote or inhibit development?
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    Towards food sovereignty: reclaiming autonomous food systems

    International Institute for Environment and Development, 2008
    Throughout the world, social movements are the driving force behind a new food sovereignty policy framework, which aims to guarantee and protect people’s space, ability and right to define their own models of production, food distribution and consumption patterns.
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    Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to save civilization

    Earth Policy Institute, 2008
    This publication argues that the roots of the current environmental dilemmas lie in the enormous growth of the human enterprise over the last century. The author presents an alternative plan to save civilisation, which is ambitious not only in scale, but also in the speed with which it must be implemented.
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    The effect of a mainstream approach to economic and corporate governance on development in South Africa

    Global Policy Innovations Program, 2007
    This paper argues that important aspects of corporate governance and economic governance have become confused and conflated in the minds of government policy makers. Focussing on the case of South Africa, it also argues that the mainstream approach to governance, with a focus on corporate governance is antithetical to development.
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    Engaging neoliberal conservation

    Conservation and Society, 2008
    The growing body of work on the 'neoliberalisation of nature' has paid little attention to conservation policy and its impacts. Similarly, studies of conservation have generally overlooked the broader context of neoliberalism. This latest edition of Conservation and Society journal explores what can be gained by seeing conservation through a neoliberal lense.
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    GM crops and developing countries: a UK food group briefing, July 2003

    UK Food Group, 2003
    This short two page briefing argues that in most developing countries, whose small-scale, labour-intensive agriculture is dramatically different from the UK, GM crops are at best irrelevant and at worst can threaten local food production.
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    African economic institutions and development

    Global Policy Innovations Program, 2008
    This paper analyses how and under what conditions International Economic Organisations (IEO) have evolved in Africa and how they have contributed to the development of the African nations. It mainly focuses on the role played by the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.