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    Public Private Partnership in infrastructure: A comparison between India and China

    BRICS Information Sharing and Exchange Platform, 2016
    Both India and China have been promoting Public Private Partnership in delivering infrastructure in various sectors. This paper examines their current infrastructure condition both in terms of quality and investment and therefore understands the driving factors of them using PPP. It compares and contrasts the characters of PPPs in India and China.
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    Deconstructing India's position on the Trade in Services Agreement

    Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2016
    Since the advent of the World Trade Organization (WTO) over two decades ago, international trade in services has undergone significant transformation, rendering the current regime obsolete.
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    India Africa partnership in health care: accomplishments and prospects

    Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2015
    The health sector assumes special importance in India-Africa development cooperation. It is the major component of the broad-ranging collaborative effort envisaged under the rubric of India-Africa cooperation in social development and capacity building.
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    Indo-US cvil nuclear cooperation agreement: implementation hurdles

    Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2005
    India signed a landmark strategic agreement having far reaching consequences with the United States during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's summit meeting with President George W. Bush on July 18, 2005. Of the two major facets of the agreement, the first was the belated acceptance of India as a 'responsible state with advanced nuclear technology'.
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    Recent developments in Myanmar: opportunities for sub-regional energy cooperation

    Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh, 2014
    In the context of the political and economic changes that have marked Myanmar since 2010, this paper assesses the opportunities for sub-regional energy cooperation between four countries: Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar, with Myanmar as a node.
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    South-south technology transfer: criteria for evaluation of public policies in the BRICS countries

    BRICS Policy Center / Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas BRICS, 2013
    This Policy Brief reviews the existing literature concerned with analytical and conceptual models to evaluate technology transfer (TT) practices in cooperation projects, aiming at contributing to the formulation of effective public policies for the technological development in the BRICS countries.
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    Innovative Asia: advancing the knowledge-based economy - highlights of the forthcoming ADB study

    Asian Development Bank, 2014
    This paper provides highlights from an Asian Development Bank (ADB) study titled “Asia’s Knowledge Economies: Next Policy Agenda.” A suite of reports will be completed shortly under this study: a flagship report on knowledge-based economies in Asia; four country reports on the People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan; and a report on creative producti
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    An assessment of India’s innovation policies

    Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2014
    India’s industrial competitiveness arising out of technological depth (and technological value addition) does not compare well with other newly industrialised countries (NICs) in Asia.
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    Trade and foreign direct investment in services: a review

    Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, 2005
    The services sector has emerged as the largest and fastest-growing sector in the world economy in the last two decades, providing more than sixty percent of global output and, in many countries, an even larger share of employment.This paper undertakes a selective review of both theoretical as well as empirical studies on trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) in services.