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    Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool

    Joanna Mott, Heather Brown, Di Kilsby, Tshering Choden, Emily Eller / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2021
    An intentional focus on gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) is key to sustainable and effective WASH projects. This guidance is for staff of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) implementation and research projects and organisations, who are committed to improving the practice of GESI in their projects and organisations. What is this tool for?
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    Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Bias

    / Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2021
    The Sixth Assessment Report addresses the most up-to-date physical understanding of the climate system and climate change, bringing together the latest advances in climate science, and combining multiple lines of evidence from paleoclimate, observations, process understanding, and global and regional climate simulations.
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    Challenges for Community‐based Adaptation: Discovering the Potential for Transformation

    David Dodman, Diana Mitlin / Wiley Online Library, 2011
    This paper considers community-based adaptation (CBA) to climate change and its relationship to the theory and practice of participatory development.
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    Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis Handbook,

    / Care International - rights based approach resource centre, 2019
    The Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA) is a CARE tool used to gather and analyze information on community-level vulnerabilities to and capacities for climate change. It informs the identification of actions, at the community level or more broadly, that support communities in increasing their resilience to climate change.
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    Bringing Innovation to Scale: Resilience to Climate Change

    / Care International - rights based approach resource centre, 2016
    As part of CARE’s community-based adaptation (CBA) learning agenda, this report synthesises key findings, lessons and recommendations from its portfolio of CBA projects in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu and Vietnam. Through the review and analysis of different approaches and models, this paper considers where and how approaches have been effective; how these are linked to project impacts;
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    Adaptive Capacity: Exploring the Research Frontier

    Colette Mortreux, Jon Barnett / Wiley Online Library, 2017
    In the past 15 years there has been rapid growth in research on adaptive capacity. This article critically reviews this literature, describing changes in the field over time, and highlighting the new frontiers in research.


  • 7 October 2021
    Earlier this year, the Sanitation Learning Hub team published a call for applicants to undertake a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) audit of the programme to identify how GESI issues are addressed in our activities and internal orga
    The Sanitation Learning Hub
  • 23 November 2020
    A new IDS-led research project seeks to re-imagine sanitation in rapidly urbanising areas in Asia and Africa to help address the sanitation crisis, enhance off–grid economies and improve the well-being of poor and vulnerable women and men, and marginalised communities such as Dalits, migrants, sanitation workers and refugees. 
    Lyla Mehta
  • Tiguirizane women at fish pond in Tiguirizane Association
    1 July 2020
    Never has the need for social protection been greater. In response to the economic and social fallout of Covid-19, almost every country in the world has introduced or expanded programmes that support those who are most vulnerable.
    Keetie Roelen

What's new

26th August 2021
The Sanitation Learning Hub is looking to capture country level and regional experiences, ideas, challenges and innovations from sanitation and hygiene practitioners through a series of blogs or short recordings.
There is an illustration showing two women wading away in knee-high water, walking away from a flooded toilet. Two children watch.
6th July 2021
Join the Sanitation Learning Hub for a webinar on climate change and rural sanitation – putting ideas into practice.
There is an illustration showing two women wading away in knee-high water, walking away from a flooded toilet. Two children watch.
30th April 2021
Researchers from the Sanitation Learning Hub have published a new report providing evidence and practical guidance for adapting projects to make them sustainable for the future.
Image shows Greta Thunberg holding a school strike for climate sign, among other young protestors
10th February 2021
“I’m only a child and I don’t have all the solutions, but I want you to realise, neither do you.” Severn Cullis-Suzuki, 12 years old, Rio Earth Summit, 1992
STEPS Summer School '13 - Rivers of Life #4
6th January 2021
Gain the skills and knowledge to more effectively shape policy with evidence with IDS's online short course.