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    Adolescence in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence from Bangladesh

    Sarah Baird, Jennifer Seager, Shwetlena Sabarwal, Silvia Guglielmi, Maheen Sultan / 2020
    This note examines the effects of COVID-19 and subsequent economic and educational disruptions on adolescent well-being in Bangladesh. Findings show large household-level economic impacts associated with increased food insecurity, anxiety, and mental health issues among adolescents.
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    Rapid action learning for sanitation and hygiene programming

    R. Chambers, J. Myers, N Vernon / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2020
    There is a glaring gap and compelling need for approaches and methods that realign to new rigour through timeliness, cost-effectiveness, relevance and being actionable.
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    Incontinence: We need to talk about leaks

    C. Rosato-Scott / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2020
    Anyone, of any gender, at any age, can leak urine or faeces. What would you do if it happened to you? Imagine if you’d woken up this morning and you’d wet the bed. What would you do? Have a wash, put on clean clothes, change the bedding and put it in a washing machine? You may go to the shop and buy an incontinence pad.
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    Initial COVID-19 responses in Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Uganda: Documentation and learning from March to May 2020

    D. Hillier, T. Newton-Lewis, R. Nair / Maintains, 2020
    This is an executive summary of the full report that documents the experiences and challenges of scaling up the response to COVID-19 in the first three months of the outbreak – March to May 2020 – in five countries: Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.
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    Towards a greater role of civil society in conflict settlement in Syria after Covid-19?

    Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), 2020
    In this article, Juline Beaujouan and Eyas Ghreiz describe some of the challenges for civil society in rebel-held areas of Syria during the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally published in Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding blog.
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    COVID-19 Impacts Cross Border Traders in East Africa

    J. Klopp, A. Krueger, M. Trimble / Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE), 2020
     Highlights the implications of COVID-19 on small scale cross-border trading in Kenya and Uganda. They find that Kenya-Uganda border restrictions are also reducing the work of informal border traders. This will have a knock on effect on the Ugandan economy, where informal trade accounts for 25-40% of intra-regional trade.


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6th January 2021
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1st September 2020
Having the right mix of talented, committed individuals is vital to achieving IDS's vision of a more equitable and sustainable world, where people everywhere can live their lives free from poverty and injustice.
19th August 2020
The climate crisis is a water crisis, and broad partnerships are needed to tackle both. To help bridge the gap between the 2019 and 2021 World Water Weeks, WWWeek At Home will bring together convenor-hosted, virtual adaptations of sessions on water and climate change originally destined for World Water Week 2020.