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    “The Door has Opened”: Moving Forward with Menstrual Health Programming in Bangladesh

    M. Coultas, M. Das, E. Nur, S. Warrington / International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 2021
    This article examines and reflects upon the Menstrual Health (MH) landscape and programming in Bangladesh, assessing the progress, challenges, and potential ways forward.
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    Strengthening Sub-National Systems for Area-Wide Sanitation and Hygiene

    Mimi Coultas / 2021
    Following widespread decentralisation reforms, including across Africa, responsibility for sanitation & hygiene (S&H) often sits with sub-national governments.
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    Understanding inclusivity of religious diversity in humanitarian response

    O. Wilkinson, J. P. Eggert / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2021
    This Working Paper by Olivia Wilkinson and Jennifer P. Eggert comes from a review of tools and guidance materials applicable to humanitarian response with regard to their inclusion or exclusion of questions on religious minorities and
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    Are livestock always bad for the planet?

    E. Houzer, I. Scoones / PASTRES, 2021
    This report warns that the dominant picture of livestock’s impacts on climate change has been distorted by faulty assumptions that focus on intensive, industrial farming in rich countries. Millions of people worldwide who depend on extensive livestock production, with relatively lower climate impacts, are being ignored by debates on the future of food.
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    Taxing the informal economy is not a silver bullet for financing development – or the Covid-19 recovery

    M. Gallien, M. Moore, V. van den Boogaard / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2021
    This briefing explores the Covid-19 pandemic, which has raised twin challenges for public revenue around the world. Governments have undertaken huge expenses to finance medical responses and social protection programmes. At the same time, tax collection is decreasing as a consequence of both pandemic-related tax breaks and a dip in economic activity and trade.
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    There and back again: The making of Uganda’s mobile money tax

    A. Lees, D. Akol / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2021
    This paper evaluates the appropriateness of the tax policymaking process that led to the introduction, and the later adaptation, of a tax on mobile money transactions in Uganda in 2018. The authors examine the unusual source of the proposal, how this particular tax diverged from the usual tax policymaking process, and whether certain key stakeholders were excluded.


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An illustration shows two children washing their hands in water that's emerged from a run-down toilet building.
5th November 2021
Click here to register for the webinarIt has been a long-standing goal of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) professionals to improve the health and lives of children.
26th August 2021
The Sanitation Learning Hub is looking to capture country level and regional experiences, ideas, challenges and innovations from sanitation and hygiene practitioners through a series of blogs or short recordings.
There is an illustration showing two women wading away in knee-high water, walking away from a flooded toilet. Two children watch.
6th July 2021
Join the Sanitation Learning Hub for a webinar on climate change and rural sanitation – putting ideas into practice.
There is an illustration showing two women wading away in knee-high water, walking away from a flooded toilet. Two children watch.
30th April 2021
Researchers from the Sanitation Learning Hub have published a new report providing evidence and practical guidance for adapting projects to make them sustainable for the future.
Image shows Greta Thunberg holding a school strike for climate sign, among other young protestors
10th February 2021
“I’m only a child and I don’t have all the solutions, but I want you to realise, neither do you.” Severn Cullis-Suzuki, 12 years old, Rio Earth Summit, 1992