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    Impact of climate change on rural livelihoods

    T.G.B. Taginavulau, , M.H.K. Rudro / Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific, 2018
    Impacts of Climate Change on Rural Livelihoods in CIRDAP Member Countries – the Rural Development Report 2017 is the fourteenth of the CIRDAP biannual reports that explores the current status and future perspectives on how climate change may affect livelihoods of rural people in Asia and the Pacific region.
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    From simple fixes to systemic enablers: The future of digital development

    B. Ramalingam, B. Faith, K. Hernandez, P. Prieto Martin, T. Roberts / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2017
    Advancing knowledge, shaping policy and inspiring practice on digital development is critical to achieving the Institute of Development Studies’ (IDS) vision of reducing inequalities, accelerating sustainability, and building secure and inclusive societies.
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    Seeking accountability, nurturing empowerment: lessons from the BBOG’s movement in Nigeria

    P.B. Dayil / Partnership for African Social and Governance Research, 2018
    Boko Haram’s brutal abduction of 276 secondary school girls from Chibok, Northeast Nigeria in April 2014 was the catalyst for the formation of the Bring Back Our Girls Movement (BBOG). The incident was just one among several violent and ruthless attacks executed by Boko Haram, an internationally prescribed terrorist group (see Table 1).
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    Property tax in African secondary cities: insights from the cases of Kisumu (Kenya) and M’Bour (Senegal)

    L.R. Cirolia, J.C. Mizes / International Centre for Tax and Development, 2019
    This working paper adopts an urban lens on property tax. It focuses specifically on how property tax operates in two African secondary cities, Kisumu (Kenya) and M’Bour (Senegal). The paper identifies three factors shaping the low levels of property tax collection in the two case cities.
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    SDGs, inclusive health and the path to Universal Health Coverage

    G. Hashemi, H. Kuper, M. Wickenden / Disability and the Global South, 2017
    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of goals designed to improve the social, economic and well-being of all, while maintaining global and environmental sustainability. Health is one of the 17 goals, and focuses not only on addressing morbidity and mortality, but also on improving access to healthcare services for all through Universal Health Coverage (UHC).
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    Engaging the private sector in green infrastructure development and financing: a pathway toward building urban climate resilience

    O. Scott, S. Fatoric, R. Merritt, V. Fulton Lee, D. Miley / United States Agency for International Development, 2018
    In 2050 it is expected that over 60 percent of the global population will live in urban areas, representing an increase of 2.5 billion people.


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What's new

hand holding millet
12th October 2018
Our friends at the GODAN Action project are pleased to announce a new call for applications for our free Open Data Management Online Course. Book your place now for the last chance to take the course before the end of the year.
House of Knowledge sculpture
9th October 2018
The Knowledge for Development Partnership have recently released the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development. 
Lilian Wanjohi of the British Council  and Newton-Utafiti Fund, during the launch of the  countering  violent extremism research hub in Nairobi, Kenya.
5th September 2018
Launched on 5th September in Nairobi, a new online hub focusing on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Kenya hopes to connect researchers, practitioners and policymakers.
Two men checking for bean pests and diseases in Kawanda, Uganda.
15th August 2018
Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) have recently announced a new research evaluation tool 'Research Quality Plus (RQ+)' which will give more importance to local context when determining the legitimacy of research. 
An area of degraded land.
8th August 2018
Our friends at the GODAN Action project are pleased to announce a new call for applications for the Open Data Management Online Course. The GODAN Action team has expanded the content of the course to include land in addition to agriculture and nutrition.