Climate resilient planning toolkit: Booklet 3: worksheets

Climate resilient planning toolkit: Booklet 3: worksheets

This toolkit, developed through the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme, is designed to develop and deliver health, education, water and sanitation hardware interventions that are more resilient to climate extremes and disasters. It provides a generic framework to help users:

  1. Assess if resilience in a specific service delivery project should be treated as a high, medium or low priority.
  2. Identify how the different components of basic service delivery systems might be vulnerable to a range of climate extremes and disasters.
  3. Think through measures that can be taken to mitigate risks to service delivery.
  4. Establish a plan to follow up on integration of resilience in the service delivery project.

The toolkit can help project, technical and field staff of implementing agencies who plan and manage service delivery projects in developing country contexts. With early planning, the impacts of disasters can be reduced through preparation and minimising risk to people and equipment. Some hazards can be avoided entirely by building infrastructure out of harm’s way.

The downloadable toolkit consists of three booklets. These include:

  • Booklet 1: guidelines that explain the tool and how to fill in the worksheets.
  • Booklet 2: worked examples to illustrate how other organisations have used the toolkit.
  • Booklet 3: worksheets that you can fill in straightaway.



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