Papers of FAO/SARPN Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Land, Pretoria

Papers of FAO/SARPN Workshop on HIV/AIDS and Land, Pretoria

A review of the issues surrounding land use, HIV/AIDS and poverty

Series of country papers on HIV/AIDS and land in Lesotho, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, with concluding paper on methodological and conceptual issues. The key questions addressed include:

  • The impact on and changes in land tenure systems (including patterns of ownership, access, and rights) as a consequence of HIV/AIDS with a focus on vulnerable groups.
  • The ways that HIV/AIDS affected households are coping in terms of land use, management and access, e.g. abandoning land due to fear of losing land, renting out due to inability to utilise land, distress sale of land, etc.
  • The consequence of such coping strategies on security of access and rights to land.
  • The changes in land tenure, access and rights to land among different categories of people as a consequence of HIV/AIDS are affecting agricultural productivity, food security and poverty with a focus on women.
  • The future implications for land tenure arrangements for HIV/AIDS affected households and individuals particularly of AIDS widows HIV orphans.
  • Priority areas for policy interventions with concrete recommendations for securing the land rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

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