Synergy Project APDIME Toolkit

Synergy Project APDIME Toolkit

Toolkit for implementing HIV/AIDS interventions

Toolkit for managers and technical specialists who are responsible for planning, designing, and managing HIV/AIDS programmes in resource poor countries.

Toolkit organises materials and resources into five interrelated modules that represent the five phases of the programming cycle:

  • Assessment: What is the nature of the HIV/AIDS problem?
  • Planning: What objectives should we pursue to address the problem?
  • Design: How do we design a program that will accomplish our key objectives in our locale?
  • Implementation Monitoring: How do we know the activities are being implemented according to our design?
  • Evaluation: How do we know if a program strategy and interventions are working?

Each module contains a step-by-step methodology for conducting that phase of the cycle and acts as an index for related materials and resources.