Guide for designing results-oriented projects and writing successful proposals

Guide for designing results-oriented projects and writing successful proposals

How to design a successful project and get a donor to fund it

This guide unites the processes of project design and proposal writing for two purposes: to help you design a project that is results-oriented and that will appeal to donors. The guide is aimed at organisations seeking funding for a medium- to large-size project; however, some of the suggestions in the guide are also useful when developing a concept paper or smaller project.

The guide introduces tools for designing a project and focuses on integrating monitoring and evaluation from the beginning. It also describes what sections to include in the proposal, gives examples,and provide tips on what donors are looking for.

The proposal format presented here encompasses the elements sought by many donors. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that many donors have their own format for proposals that may differ from this one and should be followed closely.

Examples in this guide relate to sexual and reproductive health projects and are grounded in IPPF/WHR’s extensive experience working with affiliates and other nongovernmental organizations inLatin America and the Caribbean. The principles presented in the guide can be useful for organizations developing any type of project, whether you will seek funding for it or not.

Keys to success in project development are:

  • collaboration
  • create a work plan for project development
  • develop a concept paper
  • focus on funders
  • check for clarity and consistency