WABA/UNICEF Colloquium on HIV and breastfeeding

WABA/UNICEF Colloquium on HIV and breastfeeding

Collection of conference papers on breastfeeding and HIV transmission

This resource is a collection of conference presentations on breastfeeding and HIV transmission, including

  • the role of breastfeeding-supportive NGOs in HIV and infant feeding
  • HIV and infant feeding: a framework for priority actions
  • experiences with early cessation of breast feeding among HIV infected women in Kampala, Uganda
  • PMTCT, infant feeding: the Botswana experience
  • HIV and infant feeding: the dilemma
  • HIV and infant feeding: knowledge, gaps, and challenges for the future
  • infant feeding and mother-to-child HIV transmission: ongoing and planned research

Slide shows highlight the main recommendations to government, donors, NGOs and health workers and include recommendations for educating women and involving men in the prevention of HIV transmission from breastfeeding; recommendations for government in creating a IYCF policy, including HIV and infant feeding; recommendations for promoting research on HIV and infant feeding, monitoring and evaluation.

These presentations were made at the WABA/UNICEF Colloquium on HIV and breastfeeding, 20-21 September 2002, Mt. Meru Novotel, Arusha, Tanzania.

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