Global HIV/AIDS support from G8 countries

Global HIV/AIDS support from G8 countries

How much aid do G8 countries give to HIV/AIDS?

This fact sheet provides a snapshot of how much member nations of the G8 are spending to support efforts to address global HIV/AIDS in highly affected countries through programs of prevention, care, and impact mitigation.

Findings include:

  • in 2002, approximately $1.5 billion was committed to global HIV/AIDS efforts through bilateral programmes: approximately $1.2 billion was committed by G8 member countries
  • in 2002, it is estimated that just over 80% of budgeted bilateral HIV/AIDS aid was disbursed
  • the US is the largest contributor to bilateral HIV/AIDS assistance, representing 42% of such assistance committed in 2002, followed by the UK (21%)
  • over $3.4 billion has been pledged to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria through 2008
  • as of May 2003, $866 million had been received by the Global Fund
  • over 80% of Global Fund pledges have come from G8 nations
  • based on the results of the Global Fund's two completed funding rounds, an estimated 65% of funds will be used specifically for HIV/AIDS programmes
  • the UK, followed by the US and Canada, are the G8 nation with the highest commitment of funds to global HIV/AIDS as a percentage of GDP
  • G8 commitments to global HIV/AIDS efforts are expected to increase in the near future

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