A guide to fundraising

A guide to fundraising

Step-by-step instructions for small NGO fundraising

This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to help small non-profit organisations in the South to realise their capacity in work and fundraising. The manual recommends, in broad strokes, steady, regular work by organisations – board members as well as the staff responsible for funding – to develop an effective strategy through many small steps. The authors claim that community-based groups can become stronger as they plan and work together to raise money for projects. But the document also includes concrete checklists and suggestions for greater efficacy in fundraising.

The authors outline three processes for becoming effective organisations and improving opportunities for fundraising:

  • the process of professionalism
  • the planning of a project
  • finding money for the project

The authors go through these three steps in depth, offering concrete specific suggestions how to parlay these suggestions into effective fundraising techniques.

The third edition of this manual was produced in June 2008 and includes a case study from an NGO in Somaliland as well as further resources.