Making motherhood safer in Egypt

Making motherhood safer in Egypt

Egypt's maternal mortality rates are improving, but need to be even better

While Egypt's maternal mortality remains relatively high by international standards, it has significantly dropped in the last ten to fifteen years, this paper reports. This paper describes Egypt's positive steps and failures in providing a safe public health environment for expectant mothers. It also outlines the various criteria necessary for good maternal health, and examines the main causes of maternal deaths in Egypt.

The paper concludes by examining the steps being taken to improve maternal health in Egypt. Based on the findings of the 2000 maternal mortality survey, the ministry, in collaboration with the Healthy Mother/Healthy Child Program, is developing a strategy to:

  • expand and strengthen maternal mortality surveillance
  • expand the availability of quality services bydeveloping obstetric and neonatal care protocols and training providers in their use, together with improving health facilities and equipment available
  • expand community-based maternal and child health care services
  • identify high-risk areas and direct interventions to those areas, including urban slums
  • educate communities about health behaviors that contribute to better maternal and child health outcomes
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