Women’s fundraising handbook

Women’s fundraising handbook

Guide to raising money to fund women's rights work

This handbook draws on the expertise of Global Fund for Women staff and provides advice on raising money to fund women's rights work. It is especially designed for first-time fundraisers and for women's groups in developing countries.

It starts by helping the organisation to think through what the funding is for, in order to establish a key "message" for potential funders - a process which involves reflecting on the organisation itself. It then goes on to talk about why the Global Fund itself was set up and points to some potential fundraising strategies such as:

  • events within the community, asking individuals
  • approaching community and government organisations and researching funds within the United Nations.

It concludes by giving some tips on getting together a funding proposal. These include:

  • establishing whether the interests of the agency fit with the group's activities
  • keeping in touch with donors even if applications are unsuccessful
  • ensuring that funding deadlines are met.
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