Marketplace Responsibility Principles

Marketplace Responsibility Principles

A framework for incorporating corporate social responsibility

The Marketplace Responsibility Principles is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework which maps out out what companies should seek to achieve in relationship with customers, suppliers and governments, as well as in terms of impacts of products and services on third parties. The Principles also include a list of management behaviours that tend to be present in companies that lead their markets in a number of the areas of responsible business practice covered by the Principles.

The Principles include:

  • respect your customers
  • support vulnerable customers
  • seek potential customers within excluded groups
  • manage the impact of product or service
  • actively discourage product misuse
  • actively manage responsibility in your supply chain
  • treat suppliers as partners
  • work with the rule makers
  • have consistent standards.

Best practices for these Principles include:

  • anticipate trends
  • execute with skill
  • place it at the heart of the business strategy
  • make it part of the culture
  • encourage and motivate responsible behaviour
  • make it mainstream
  • share best practice within the business
  • be consistent