Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin No. 7, June 2007

Bolivia Information Forum Bulletin No. 7, June 2007

What are the current challenges facing Bolivia’s MAS government?

This report bulletin focuses on recent developments and issues in Bolivia under the current MAS government led by Evo Morales. It particularly focuses on four themes:

  • conflicting visions of the future and the constituent assembly
  • judicial opposition to the government
  • the Tarija summit
  • coca and cocaine

The authors argue that there is frustration in Bolivia and that resentments that go back hundreds of years are welling up. One problem discussed is that indigenous groups have five main issues they want the new constitution to respect, including recognition of the existence of a plurinational state and respect and recognition of 36 indigenous groups across the country.

Some of the other key issues highlighted in the bulletin include:

  • the Tarija summit marked a transfer of CAN Presidency from Bolivia to Columbia and the re-incorporation of Chile but open rift between Bolivia and Ecuador, and Peru and Colombia
  • the latest figures for coca and cocaine production for the Andean region published by the UN Office on Drugs suggest that coca cultivation has increased
  • a recent stand-off reflects deep distrust between the Morales administration and the senior levels of the judiciary. The judiciary is conservative in its orientation and keen to act as a restraining influence the MAS government
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