Sudan post-conflict environmental assessment

Sudan post-conflict environmental assessment

The environmental cost of conflict in Sudan

Despite a peace agreement with the south and a fast-growing economy, Sudan faces critical environmental issues including land degradation, deforestation and the impacts of climate change, that threaten the Sudanese people’s prospects for long-term peace, food security and sustainable development. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict in Darfur is evidence of how conflict and environmental degradation fuel one another.

This report looks at key areas to be addressed in order to return to environmental sustainability including: 

  • Mitigating the effects of livestock herds, deforestation, poor agricultural management, internal displacement and climate change on desertification, droughts and flooding 
  •  Improving environmental and natural resource management by addressing waste management issues brought about by urban sprawl, implementing and enforcing regulation for industry and ensuring the oil-export boom does not result in degradation of the coastal and marine environment 
  •  Meeting the challenges on water resources by the construction of twenty large dams, loss of biodiversity, its commitments to international treaties and conventions and the shift from food aid dependence to self-sufficient agricultural production

Overall, the report makes the following recommendations:

  • invest in environmental management to support lasting peace in Darfur and to avoid local conflict over natural resources elsewhere in Sudan
  • build capacity at all levels of government and improve legislation to ensure that reconstruction and economic development do not intensify environmental pressures and threaten the livelihoods of present and future generations
  • national and regional government should assume increasing responsibility for investment in the environment and sustainable development
  • all UN relief and development projects in Sudan should integrate environmental considerations in order to improve the effectiveness of the UN country programme
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