My future today - a guide for youth

My future today - a guide for youth

Life skills for young people leaving school

Young people leaving school face many challenges in new areas of life which they may not have had to deal with while still under the care of their families. This comprehensive guide from Botswana gives advice and support to young people in all areas of life including: 

  • life skills such as communication skills, anger management, diversity and tolerance 
  • relationships, health and wellness and drugs and substance abuse 
  • family matters such as including marriage, child maintenance and social welfare 
  • further education, training and work 
  • finding a home and managing money 
  • leisure, travel and the encouraging environmental awareness 
  • personal safety and access to justice 
  • government structures and legislation.

The guide is available online and can also be downloaded in PDFs. It includes reflective exercises and personal stories to help ground its advice in a realistic context.

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