Picture our lives: gender and images in southern Africa

Picture our lives: gender and images in southern Africa

Is there potential for women in southern African photo journalism?

How can images be used to challenge gender stereotypes in southern Afirca? This manual aims to provide an insight into gender and photojournalism in Southern Africa. Developed by experts and practitioners in the field and targeted at trainers, the manual contains fifty handouts and a number of exercises, and case examples.

Key points highlighted by the manual include: 

  • photojournalism has generally not received its due attention in media training in Southern Africa 
  • images are one of the most powerful tools both for conveying and challenging gender stereotypes 
  • there has been much discussion in Southern Africa recently about the under-representation and unfair portrayal of women in the media.

Each chapter provides background theory, exercises aimed at generating contributions and “learning by doing” from participants as well as examples of imagery and tips for facilitators. The exercises and discussion points should be viewed as a “shopping basket” from which trainers can pick out the processes relevant to their learners’ needs, the time available, and the specific nature of the learning environment. The authors stress that the manual is a beginning, not an end.

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