The partnership toolbox a facilitator’s guide to partnership dialogue

The partnership toolbox a facilitator’s guide to partnership dialogue

How to maintain effective partnerships

A partnership can involve a complex set of relationships and issues. Like any relationship, it takes trust and transparency, communication and dialogue from everyone. Any relationship needs time to communicate visions, plans, past hurts and misunderstandings in order to thrive. Partnerships are the same. This manual is a guide to facilitating constructive discussion and dialogue with partners.

It is based on the idea that a partnership is a process and an ongoing journey. Rather than a set of tools to apply to partners, this manual lays out a process for partners to jointly explore the challenges they face.

Topics covered include:

  • Bells and whistles: looks at creative facilitation and preparation tips for stimulating workshop participation
  • Appreciative inquiry: contains basic theory and conceptual explanations of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Partnership dialogue: provides outlines for sessions aimed at facilitating authentic dialogue, understanding partnerships and partnership strengthening
  • Putting it together: includes suggestions for involving partners in preparing and following-up planned events as well as planning and programming tools for project development and working with communities 
  • Resources and readings: provides other resources on building effective partnerships including articles, case studies and notations.
It gives suggestions for participatory designs that for use in any workshop context and ideas for using the sessions in a variety of applications. Facilitation notes, handouts and flip chart content are included with each session design.