Lifting the burden of malaria: an investment guide for impact-driven philanthropy

Lifting the burden of malaria: an investment guide for impact-driven philanthropy

With evidence-based philanthropy, malaria deaths can be reduced

This guide published by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, notes that individual philanthropists are searching for opportunities to maximize the impact of their philanthropic dollars to avert deaths due to malaria.

In this guide, the authors give practical advice on how to get started, including how to evaluate potential investments, assess post-donation results, and use best practices for maximum impact. – all aimed at mThrough synthesis of data on effective malaria control strategies, funding trends and nonprofit performance, the authors observe an emergence of three pivotal developments:
• First, effective, low-cost tools now exist for malaria’s prevention and treatment.
• Second, a consensus is emerging on a global strategy to combat the disease and overcome delivery obstacles to reaching affected communities.
• Third, this global strategy is receiving increasing attention from an array of global players and donors.

The authors conclude that with an arsenal of cost-effective tools, political will, and global partners from all sectors, there is now an opening to make a sustained impact that can save millions of lives and help raise some of the world’s neediest communities out of poverty.

As the above developments present a window of opportunity for individual philanthropists to help lift the burden of malaria, the authors recommend three entry points: 1) treat and prevent now, 2) build systems for the long term, and 3) innovate for the future. To effectively address the challenge of figuring out how best to leverage the current momentum to make the biggest difference, the authors illustrate the entry points using key considerations so as to determine the strategy for maximum impact on malaria.

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