Latin American and Caribbean Macro Watch Data Tool

Latin American and Caribbean Macro Watch Data Tool

Macroeconomic database covering Latin American and the Caribbean

The Latin American and Caribbean Macro Watch Data Tool database collects information from public sources (mostly web based) in IDB's 26 borrowing member countries and adds to it a set of useful indicators that allows for better monitoring of macroeconomic conditions.

The database spans the period 1990-2008, and contains information at annual, quarterly, monthly and sometimes daily frequencies, based on data availability. The complete dataset includes 1,146,581 registers, contained in 9,312 series that can be readily accessed over the internet.

Data is organised at the global, sub-regional, and country level, the latter typically divided into six categories: i) economic activity and employment, ii) prices and wages, iii) fiscal accounts and public debt, iv) external accounts, v) money and banking, and vi) financial markets. Each month, the series corresponding to a different sub-region is updated (Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Mexico) so that on average series are updated quarterly.

A user-friendly web interface allows users to easily locate and download data in Excel format. The accompanying video tutorial allows users to get acquainted with the tool. Details regarding series content and availability at other frequencies can be found at the end of each downloaded series. For user convenience, frequently used queries can be saved for systematic retrieval.

Key indicators for each of the 26 member countries can be accessed through country tables, which compare some key variables against their sub-regional counterparts.