Clean energy for development: annual report 2009

Clean energy for development: annual report 2009

Clean Energy for Development Initiative: Norwegian assistance with capacity building and institutional development

This report shows how the Clean Energy for Development Initiative makes use of Norwegian and other relevant expertise to contribute to economic development and the fight against poverty in partner countries. As it is the first annual report for the initiative, the focus in the document has been on giving an overview of what has been done in 2009 and some key achievements.

The document finds that assistance with capacity building and institutional development, with an emphasis on legislation, resource mapping and national planning, remain among the most important areas for cooperation. Other areas include strengthening the framework for commercial investment, protecting vulnerable groups and the environment and encouraging partner countries’ to participate in regional energy cooperation.

In addition, the report concludes that:

  • there is an ongoing effort to improve tools and indicators to ensure that energy-related cooperation is effective
  • the energy-related investment needs of poorer countries are substantial beyond the levels currently attainable by means of public and donor contribution alone
  • gender mainstreaming continues to be weak especially in the energy sector.

The paper makes the following recommendations:

  • donor countries have to play key roles in both transferring technology and competence, as well as scaling up energy infrastructure and services
  • to make the cooperation successful, it is essential to ensure that there is a match between the institutions on both sides, and the planning phase is critical
  • responsiveness to recipient countries’ wishes and needs is fundamental.