Debating GM crops: id21 insights, issue 52

Debating GM crops: id21 insights, issue 52

The growing debate around GM Crops and the future of food and farming

The debate over genetically-modified (GM) crops is one of the most controversial and fiercely contested of recent times. While media coverage often focuses on disagreements between the United States and Europe, perhaps the main battleground today is the developing world. It is here that large markets are
emerging, consumer resistance is less organised and claims that GM crops can help to alleviate hunger and food insecurity are tested.

Articles included:

  • Diversity in international biosafety regulation: MacKenzie, R.
  • From risks to rights in southern Africa:  Mohamed Katerere, J.
  • Bt cotton: benefits for poor farmers?: Glover, D.
  • IPRs, biotechnology and development: Yamin, F.
  • Regulating biotechnology: Newell, P.
  • Corporate dominance and agricultural biotechnology: Glover, D.
  • The Chinese biotechnology experience: Keeley, J.
  • Biotechnology for Kenya: Odame, H., Kameri-Mbote, P. and Wafula, D.
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