Looking towards Russia’s G8 presidency in 2014

Looking towards Russia’s G8 presidency in 2014

Russia’s second G8 presidency will be informed by its experiences in 2006 and by its 2013 G20 lead. What can we expect its priorities to be in 2014?

Approaching its second G8 presidency, Russia is in a unique position, as it holds the chair of the G20 for 2013, the G8 in 2014 and the BRICS grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in 2015. The sequence of three presidencies presents a rare opportunity for coordination, reinforcement and division of labour in setting the agenda and defining presidency priorities across the three forums.

Of key concern for 2014 are the principles that might guide the G8 presidency preparation, namely the priorities Russia will be able to put forward and its outreach strategy.

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