Chinese investments in Zimbabwe and Namibia: a comparative legal analysis

Chinese investments in Zimbabwe and Namibia: a comparative legal analysis

The rapid expansion of Chinese investments in Africa has generated considerable interest among analysts of law, politics and economics. These investments have sparked both hope and uncertainty about the true intentions of China on African soil and the implications they have on the development of African economies. Without sufficient official data available in most African countries, let alone less transparent Namibia and Zimbabwe, especially with regards to data related to Chinese investments, it is rather complicated to determine with certainty the actual negative or positive contribution of Chinese investments to the said economies.

In trying to decode the controversies that are attached to Chinese investments in Africa, one is left to question the laws binding the two countries and the regulatory framework within which Chinese investors conduct their business.

This report is a critical legal analysis of the law and practice with regards to Chinese investments in Namibia and Zimbabwe. The analysis is hinged mainly on compliance - the question being the extent to which Chinese investors are complying with the given laws; the causes for lack of compliance and the implications of that extent of compliance or lack thereof.

The report moves from a general look at Africa, the perceptions that the people in Africa have about Chinese investors to specific considerations of the happenings in Namibia and Zimbabwe through the lenses of the concept of compliance. The report presents a short literature review about/on this and moves on to look at specific areas in Namibian and Zimbabwean economy such as labour and criminal law.

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