Confidence, capacity, connections: a young woman's guide to leadership

Confidence, capacity, connections: a young woman's guide to leadership

Civic and political engagement can be a daunting challenge, particularly for young women. This guide is designed for a wide range of young women, be they a member of an established organisation or association, an aspiring politician, an individual with a project idea, or someone struggling to balance many roles and responsibilities in their life. The aim is to provide young women with the basic tools necessary to start taking action in their community on the issues that matter most.

The ideas and strategies offered in this guide were developed from the advice and experiences of 25 young women activists from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia who were a part of the “Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow” initiative, a year-long programme focused on community engagement, networking and peer mentoring. Their ideas are combined with best practices and recommendations from the National Democratic Institute’s work with women leaders around the world. The guide includes a series of exercises, questions, and reflections.

Focusing on building confidence, enhancing capacity and making connections, this guide aims to help participants assess where they are, identify where they want to be, and help them create a personal roadmap to develop leadership potential. The publication is structured into three main sections: building the confidence to participate, including time management and the types and realities of leadership; enhancing capacities to lead, including project planning and fund raising; and making connections to succeed, which looks at collaboration and networking. An appendix to the guide contains a set of recommended resources, as well as tools and templates.

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