Maternity Protection Resource Package

Maternity Protection Resource Package

The Maternity Protection Resource Package provides guidance and tools to strengthen and extend maternity protection to all women in all types of economic activity. It is designed to:

  • Bring together information and tools, expertise and knowledge concerning each and every component comprising maternity protection at work into one place;
  • Serve as a resource and a guide for actors ready to launch information and education campaigns and to plan, design or monitor action that will bring about real improvements in maternity protection at work.

The Maternity Protection Resource Package can be used by governments, trade unions, employers’ organisations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), researchers and practitioners, United Nations (UN) officials and others. The information is intended to be accessible to a non-technical audience, with resources for further technical information noted at the end of each module. Numerous examples of actions in improving maternity protection at work in all types of economic activities around the world are highlighted throughout the Package, for guidance and inspiration. The message of the Package is that the aspiration of maternity protection at work for all is both desirable and possible. Even in the most challenging situations, commitment and the will to act can bring about results and benefits, contributing to equitable economic growth, social cohesion and decent work for all women and men.

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