The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto

The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto

The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto  by the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB), a network of organisations and professionals focused on improving the quality and use of climate knowledge in decision making. 

CKB's vision is a world in which people make climate sensitive decisions fully informed by the best available climate knowledge. This manifesto describes the essential role of climate knowledge brokers in achieving that vision and sets out how CKB will help them become more effective and efficient through collaboration.

The authors note that the availability and quality of climate related information is uneven. It depends on who and where you are. Some are 
deluged by datasets, reports, scenarios, toolkits and other publications. For others, especially in developing countries, there is still a lack of relevant information. In both cases the result is similar: people struggle to find what’s useful to them in their daily work.

The manifesto notes that chains of 'knowledge brokers' act as filters, interfaces and translators between knowledge producers and users, across different disciplines, fields and sectors. They employ a range of methods and communication approaches to meet users' needs.Effective brokers recognise that knowledge is often more readily accepted if the knowledge production process is transparent and participatory.

The CKB Group aims to help climate knowledge brokers become more effective and efficient in their efforts to meet the information needs of current and future users. 

The key principes that CKB embody in this manifesto include:

  1. People who are trying to address the impact of a changing climate deserve high quality information to support them in their decision making.
  2. CKB champions the importance of climate knowledge brokers in ensuring high quality climate relevant information is available and accessible to all who need it.
  3. CKB believe that understanding user needs in their multiplicity is the starting point for effective climate knowledge brokering.
  4. CKB are committed to learn together to improve the effectiveness of climate knowledge brokering.
  5. CKB support climate knowledge brokers in choosing appropriate tools and methods to address their users' needs, including intelligent use of digital technologies.
  6. CKB apply collaboration as a standard in our work.
  7. CKB promote open knowledge; meaning we have an open mindset, are actively seeking to share our knowledge and want to work with others who have the same attitude.

Through interviews and an analysis process, six over-lapping areas of further user needs were defined by climate-knowledge users:

  • Increased availability of and access to information from  trusted sources
  • Information tailored to specific needs
  • Synthesized climate information
  • Contextualised with sectoral information
  • Enriched with local information
  • Access to raw data, further information and source
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