Sector keysheets: water resources management and supply

Sector keysheets: water resources management and supply

Providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries involves more than clean water supply, and wastewater disposal, it may best be seen as part of the move towards water security: building resilience to ‘water related hazards’ and ensuring there is sufficient water of sufficient quality for productive sectors as well as ecosystems. The appropriate interventions may include large or small-scale infrastructure; policy, legislation and institutional restructuring; and, behavioural change through support for awareness raising and education initiatives. The delivery mechanism may be through direct support, through intermediaries or through partnerships with the private sector.

This keysheet provides a summary of the activities, typical environmental and climate risks and potential mitigation and management measures relating to the development of water sector interventions, including construction and operation of supply and disposal facilities and the impacts of policies to manage and secure water resources.

This keysheet should be used specifically to help with drafting ToRs for the assessment of environment and climate risks associated with different stages in the sector programming cycle. It can also help in reviewing the assessment documentation.

The keysheet is organised under the following headings:

  • sector components and activities
  • sources of impact and receptors/resources
  • mitigation and management options

The phases of the programming cycle considered are: identification and strategic design; detailed design and planning; construction; operation and maintenance; and where appropriate, decommissioning (closure).

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