Establishment of Algeria's national vision 2030

Establishment of Algeria's national vision 2030

2012 South Korean Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with Algeria was carried out with the goal of providing a in-depth research based on the 2011 KSP program outcome, and propose a blue print of the national vision 2030. In order to complete given tasks, Korean experts who are most appropriate and have rich knowledge and experience on requested tasks for 2012 KSP were carefully selected.

The purpose of the 2012 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with Algeria was to support Algeria in the establishment of a mid- and long-term development plan. Algeria’s Ministry of Prospective and Statistics, aiming to establish the “Algeria Vision 2030” in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Algerian independence in
June 2012, was eager to learn from Korea’s development experience. To this end, the Korean government decided to assist Algeria in its development efforts through the KSP.

The objective of this study is to provide Algeria with visions on long-term socioeconomic growth until the year 2030. This study selected five major policy tasks that were deemed the most appropriate in seeking inclusive growth.

These five policy tasks include

  • Restructuring of Algerian Industries through Industrial Diversification
  • National Reform in the Governance Structure
  • Improvement of Human Capital through Education Reform
  • National Land Development for Growth and Equality, and
  • Enhanced Quality of Life for Algerians through Reform in the Public Health Sector


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