Climate change policy inventory and analysis for Tanzania

Climate change policy inventory and analysis for Tanzania

This report assesses the extent to which climate change concerns have been integrated or mainstreamed into national policy documents in mainland Tanzania. It considers the role of climate services in achieving national sectorial policy goals, and identifies entry points for the further development of climate services within the current policy frameworks. Fifteen key policy documents relevant to economic development, climate change and environment, agriculture and food security, disaster management and risk reduction, and health planning were analysed. Three major findings emerged from this analysis.

First, while climate change is addressed in a number of the policy documents, the concept of climate services was not.

Second, policy documents across all sectors identified improved early warning systems as a specific objective.

Third, the analysis highlighted that efforts to manage short and long-term climate risks are not well integrated under current policies and legislation in Tanzania.

Based on these findings, several recommendations are made that can inform climate services development and delivery in Tanzania.

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