Get the data

Over the years Eldis has collected, summarised and categorised tens of thousands of research documents on a broad range of development themes. All of this content produced by Eldis is a global public good and is available to be re-used, by anyone, for free under a creative commons license (CC BY 3.0). 

We make Eldis content available through the IDS Knowledge Services Open API which provides tools and applications to help you to use Eldis content in your websites or applications.

In opening up access to Eldis content and embracing these new "Open Data" approaches we came to realise that there was some interest among our partners and colleagues in other organisations, particularly those in developing countries, in adopting a similar approach. This has led us to become lead partners in developing a new collaborative open data platform called the Open Knowledge Hub.

The Open Knowledge Hub

The Open Knowledge Hub is a collaborative Open Data platform for sharing digital content about development. Its aim is to improve the supply and accessibility of content that supports evidence-informed policy making and practice by development actors.A key aspect of the hub’s design is to raise the profile of diverse perspectives on development, paying particular attention to research content from developing countries.

Here at Eldis we contribute our open content to the hub so that it can be easily repackaged, linked to other data sets, and re-used by others to present credible and relevant content on their own websites and tailor it to their own audiences and contexts.

We also use the Hub ourselves as a way to source new, relevant, high quality research content for our own Resource Guides and other services.

For more information on the Open Knowledge Hub project and to access the Hub data go to the website.