Consultancy: Consolidate and strengthen a model for reintegration of CAAFAG

War Child
Consultant (Short term)

This consultancy (or consortium) will aim to ensuring that the CAAFAG reintegration approach utilised by War Child UK is robust and supported by the existing literature (contextual and needs assessment, informed best practice), tested and evaluated to inform future child protection practices and enable effective prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of children associated with armed forces and armed groups (CAAFAG). Additionally, it will propose a model including a suite of activities and an underlying design hypothesis to be piloted by the War Child in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
In this view the consultancy will aim to:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive desk-based review of existing literature and evidence
  • Synthesize primary research, evaluations and studies available on effective reintegration practices, including those related to work in DRC/Central Africa though not precluding other country contexts that may be of value.
  • Mapping of key actors working on reintegration including academic and research institutions, I/NGOs and donors interested in funding reintegration programming
  • The programmatic approaches focused on (but not limited to when applicable) Psychosocial Support, S-GBV, Child Protection, Food Security and Livelihoods and Education (including Cash/Voucher-based activities) in the reintegration programming, aligned with War Child DRC’s operational capacity to deliver against the programmatic model proposed.
  • The gender, age and diversity dimensions in the reintegration programming studied.
  • Conduct a co-creation workshop with members of the WCUK Programmes team and a later in-country workshop with relevant DRC (and CAR) country team members to develop a detailed implementation plan, identifying gaps, challenges and planning for the reintegration pilot programme.
  • Draft a report including the outcomes drawn from workshops, consultations and literature review informing a detailed, co-created programmatic model to be tested and studied for effectiveness, replicability in other geographies.
  • Based on the outcomes of desk/literature review, formulate and co-create with the WCUK Programme Quality team:
  • A consolidated model and/or revising an existing approach/model and related interventions to reintegration programming, including capacity building opportunities for local organisations
  • ensuring that the revised interventions and suggested activities are included in a project to be firstly piloted and secondly fully evaluated/documented
Closing date: 
22nd May 2019