Consultant for Co-Facilitation of Workshop

medica mondiale
Cologne, Germany
Consultant (Short term)

Feminist Leadership Programme 2016-2020

medica mondiale e.V.

medica mondiale is a non-governmental organisation based in Cologne, Germany. As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation medica mondiale supports women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Through own programmes and in cooperation with local women’s organisations we offer holistic support to women and girl survivors of sexualised and gender based violence. On the political level, we pro-actively promote women’s rights, call for a rigorous punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political participation for survivors of violence. Currently medica mondiale is working in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, in Afghanistan, in Liberia, in Kosovo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the African Great Lakes Region.

For its Feminist Leadership Programme medica mondiale we are looking for a


Consultant (female)
for the co-facilitation

of a one-week workshop (01 – 05 April 2019)

on Leading and Managing Feminist Organisations


Programme cooperation with local women’s organisations has been medica mondiale’s main implementation strategy for some years. Recognizing the unique contribution of local women’s organisations as crucial actors in combatting SGBV while at the same time being aware of their structural disadvantages and challenges has led us to making Capacity Development for our partner organisations an important component of our work. This includes assisting and supporting both training for staff and organisational development processes. Reflection and growth with regard to feminist, democratic, responsible and transparent leadership is considered the backbone of sustainable organisational development.

In response, the five-year Feminist Leadership Programme(2016-20) proposes a way of how leadership qualities and management competencies can be strengthened through annual training workshops and interim peer-to-peer exchange. The 2019 session will focus on

  • leadership styles,
  • feminist perspectives on staff management,
  • linking visions, strategies and activities,
  • the continuum of violence (understanding SGBV as an outcome of patriarchal power imbalance before, during and after violent conflict), as well as
  • male involvement in women’s organisations.


  1. 1.      The consultant will bring specific feminist expertise to the already existing project team[1].
  2. 2.      In consultation with the project team and building on the existing five-year-schedule she will elaborate a training methodology in preparation of the workshop covering the aspects of
  • feminist perspectives on staff management,
  • the continuum of violence (understanding SGBV as an outcome of patriarchal power imbalance before, during and after violent conflict), as well as
  • male involvement in women’s organisations.
  1. 3.      She will act as a facilitator for the aforementioned topics during the workshop (5-day workshop from 01 until 05 April 2019), and
  2. 4.      She will also actively create space and an appropriate atmosphere for self-reflection and learning through facilitating creative opening sessions every morning throughout the workshop.
  3. 5.      She will contribute to the workshop documentation, especially with regard to the elements provided for the workshop.


  1. 1.      A conceptual framework for the leadership workshop in April 2019, containing the envisaged approach to facilitate the workshop (max. 7 pages, without annexes).
  2. 2.      A commented agenda including the envisaged facilitation methods for the 5-day workshop.
  3. 3.      Taking charge of the preparation and facilitation of the afore-mentioned topics during the 5-day leadership workshop in collaboration with the senior facilitator.
  4. 4.      Documentation of the workshop and further recommendations with regard to the continuation of the leadership programme.

Required knowledge and experience

  • Feminist orientation in theory and practice.
  • Expertise in feminist leadership, both in feminist critiques of conventional leadership and feminist alternative leadership models as well as practical experience in leading women’s organisations.
  • Experienced facilitator: excellent capacity to initiate and guide group processes using participatory, interactive approaches.
  • Experience with creating a safe and empowering atmosphere and inspiring self-reflection and learning as well as the development of concrete outputs in a short time frame.
  • Experience with / knowledge of Mindfulness-based approaches.
  • First-hand experience from (living and) working in conflict zones is an asset.
  • Excellent level of English, including proven professional writing skills in English (samples might be requested).


Suggested Length of the assignment: 10 days (5 days for workshop facilitation, 1 day preparatory workshop with project team, 4 days for preparation, documentation and recommendations).

Travel to Cologne will be required.

The assignment is planned to begin in January 2019 (exact timeframe to be agreed with consultant).

 Timeline for recruitment

  • Closing Date: 06 January 2019
  • Interviews will take place on 11 January 2019
  • Notification of selected Consultant: 18 January 2019
  • Assignment foreseen for January to April 2019 (workshop facilitation, preparation and documentation)
  • Submission of final training plan 4 weeks (at the latest) before beginning of the workshop
  • Submission of workshop documentation by end of April 2019.

Please email your application to, draft technical and financial offer) by 06 January 2019 at the latest. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Further information on our projects can be found on our website:

[1] Consisting of a senior facilitator specialising in organisational development, the Head of International Programmes and the Project Officer at medica mondiale.

Closing date: 
6th January 2019