Emergency Team Leader

The Emergency Response Manager (Mobile Team Leader) will implement and deliver the first line response and assessments of Oxfam's humanitarian emergency response in Mosul and corridor operations. They will represent Oxfam in the National and sub-national clusters and any other relevant fora, committees, and working groups related to the implementation of the UN emergency plan for Mosul.

This will role will lead Oxfam’s Emergency Response team working on the Mosul counter-offensive, also working closely with Oxfam partners in the response, and working in a close collaboration with Security Advisor to facilitate access to the new retaken places around and inside Mosul as well as any new geographical location assigned by Oxfam.

They will provide technical oversight and guidance for the first-line intervention, as well as explore, identify, design, implement, monitor and report other relief activities. On a daily basis they will offer technical support to programme design and planning, and coordinate effectively with other technical sectors, such as Protection, WASH and EFSVL.