MD Coordinators of PH Activities

Doctors With Africa
Yirol, Rumbek and Mundri, South Sudan
Full time Staff

South Sudan; Yirol, Rumbek and Mundri (3 positions)

April 2019

6-12 months


  • University Degree in Medicine with Specialization, Master or equivalent title in Public Health
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Experience in managing health cooperation projects and in coordinating PH activities
  • Previous experience in Developing Countries


The MD coordinator of PH activities is responsible for coordination of public health activities in the area and contributes to the improvement of the network of preventive and curative services of Primary Health Care through local health authorities ‘capacity building and effective communities involvement.

In particular, he/she will be involved in the following activities:

  • promoting community participation in health services
  • contributing to the reactivation of selected peripherals health facilities
  • strengthening the health authorities’ ability to manage the system
  • developing or enhancing an effective referral system covering all the 3 levels (village, peripheral health facilities, hospital)
  • ensuring proper management of the PH projects implemented in the area
Closing date: 
28th February 2019