Vice President - Program Design and Innovation

Nairobi, Kenya
Full time Staff

Serving as a key member of the Executive Management team and reporting to the President, the Vice President, Program Development & Innovation (PDI) assumes responsibility for the strategic role of program development in 12 AGRA countries, implementation, and monitoring of impact. The role drives the design and oversight of all elements of AGRA’s technical programs and strategy.

Person Specification:

  • Leadership: Demonstrates ability to mobilise, focus, align, and build effective groups to enable them to conceptualise and achieve collective objectives. Inspires trust and passion in the AGRA mission. Ability to show great drive and commitment to AGRA mission. Help others understand how their daily work contributes to the AGRA’s mission and inspire others to proactively meet AGRA’s strategic objectives in partnership with clients. Maintain high
    standards of personal integrity and provide support for professional development efforts linked to business objectives.
  • Technical Competencies for the Position: Demonstrates knowledge of own work role specific issues. This encompasses the technical skills or knowledge required to perform the essential duties as described in this Job Description. Specifically, the candidate should have some expertise (all rounded exposure) in one or more of these areas – seeds, fertilizer, markets, post harvest management.
  • Specific technical competencies include the demonstrated ability to achieve results and drive complex work to conclusion, strategic thinker with demonstrated ability to use qualitative and quantitative data to present options for decision making, highlight tradeoffs
    and propose recommendations.
  • Driving for Results and Managing Performance: Demonstrates drive for improvement of business results based on well-roundedunderstanding of general business principles and own activities’ commercial and financial implications. Demonstrate the ability to agree objectives and competencies with staff which will support achievement of plans, and to provide them with feedback on their performance.
  • Coaching and Developing Staff: A demonstrated capacity for working effectively within multi-disciplinary teams for collective success and provide effective coaching and encourage appropriate development activities in order to support staff in identifying and meeting their training and development needs.
  • Managing Resources: Demonstrate the ability to plan and use resources (people and/or finance and/or physical assets) in accordance with AGRA guidelines and delegated accountability so that objectives are achieved in the most effective manner possible.
  • For this role, the candidate must be of Pan-African origin.


PHD/M.Sc. or equivalent qualification in a field relevant to agricultural development.

Minimum of 15 years’ experience with 10 years’ experience in implementing and managing multi- country strategies and business plans in agriculture or economic development space.

Closing date: 
18th March 2019