The 4 Cs of pay-per-click marketing - lessons from an Eldis experiment

30th January 2014

Like most other online knowledge platforms Eldis relies heavily on Google as a source of traffic to our website (61% last year). And to do this we rely on getting our links into the listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to users search terms (referred to as natural or organic search).

Recently though, with the support of a small amount of funding from CDKN, we’ve been exploring the use of Google Adwords (pay-per-click adverts appearing prominently on Google results pages) to help us achieve some of our marketing and promotion objectives.

In a short article posted on the Knowledge Brokers Forum blog Eldis editor Alan Stanley highlights some of what we learned from this process. The article links to a longer draft learning paper (available on Eldis of course!) which describes the process we went through in more detail. We’re not experts - we started from pretty much zero knowledge and still have many unanswered questions. So we hope is that the article might prompt others to share their experience from which we can all learn.

Read the full article here...

Eldis India Adwords Ads