New Heteronormativity Key Issues Guide

8th July 2014

Heteronormativity - the assumption that heterosexuality is the norm and any other form of sexual desire, expression or relationship is abnormal or wrong - has many potential implications for international development.

 astadiego/ Flickr under Creative Commons License

The new Eldis Key Issues Guide on Heteronormativity explores research, policy and practice which has offered an analysis of the impact of heteronormativity on issues such as economic justice, human rights and health.

The Guide has been produced in partnership with the Sexuality, Law and Poverty programme here at IDS.

You can find out more about the programme and how heteronormativity applies to the research they are doing in this blog article "Heteronormativity: why demystifying development’s unspoken assumptions benefits us all" by the Guide's co-author Stephen Wood.

Image credits: astadiego/ Flickr under Creative Commons License