A post-2015 development agenda that leaves nobody behind must include mental health

19th October 2015

The Sustainable Development Goals must not neglect a quarter of the world’s population, argues Nicole Votruba, Co-ordinator of the FundaMentalSDG initiative..

As the official adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) draws closer, Eldis has published another analysis of the Goals. This time Nicole Votruba, Co-ordinator of the FundaMentalSDG initiative, explains why the post-2015 development agenda must include mental health.

She argues that getting it right on mental health is crucial for sustainable development and a prerequisite for achieving many of the SDGs' priorities.

Votruba explains why civil society organisations, like FundaMentalSDG, have been advocating for two separate mental health targets on universal health coverage and suicide. She also looks at the two mental health indicators suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Read the full post here on the Eldis blog.

Nicole Votruba’s article is part of an Eldis blog series in response to the SDGs from a range of international development experts.