Third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development released

9th October 2018

The Knowledge for Development Partnership have recently released the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development. 

This edition develops previous versions presented at the Knowledge for Development Summit in Vienna in 2016, and in Geneva in 2017 at the Knowledge for Development: Global Partnership Conference. 

As part of the process, 130 personal statements have been contributed to the publication. These statements present opinions on knowledge societies and hope to add to the diversity and richness of the Agenda. The Knowledge for Development Partnership asked leading experts from the field to contribute, as well as individuals just starting out in their professions. 

The new edition also includes amendments to the Knowledge for Development Goals, including a new Knowledge Development Goal 14: ‘The arts and culture are central to knowledge societies'.

Personal statements in languages other than English are also included for the first time (with English translations following the text).

You can download the publication in full here. For regular updates on the work of the Knowledge Development Partnership, you can join the K4DP Discussion Forum.

The Agenda Knowledge Development is supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Photo credit: House of Knowledge Variation1 | Adrien Sifre Flickr CC BY NC ND 2.0