Webinar: Rebuilding health systems in conflict and crisis affected settings

13th November 2017

Our partners at Health Systems Global are developing two linked resources to support access to key evidence and recommended reading for a thematic working group working on health systems in conflict and crisis-affected settings.

The thematic working group would like to create a complete, categorised and searchable repository of current research and other knowledge resources around health systems in fragile and conflict-affected settings, supported by two Eldis Key Issues Guides which will give an accessible overview of issues and challenges for those working in this field, and will highlight recommended reading.

Webinar date and time: Monday 27th November, 14:00 – 15:30 UTC

The objective of this initial webinar is to get input and responses from the thematic working group members and from others working in this field, as decision-makers, implementers, advocates, donors or researchers, to ensure that the final repository and Key Issues Guides are as complete as possible, and structured in the best way to support evidence-based policy and practice.

If you are working on the topic of health systems in fragile and conflict-affected settings, and would like to feed in to the webinar, please register

Draft versions of the repository and key issues guides will be shared with registered participants, and on this page, ahead of the webinar.  


The webinar will start with overview presentations on these draft versions, followed by a facilitated Q+A session. 

Questions will include:

  • How could the structure, format and content of the resources be made more useful as sources of evidence and learning for policy and practice?

  • What other sources of evidence and learning on health systems in FCAS could be included in the repository?

  • How could relevant but less accessible resources (e.g. organisational reports or other unpublished material) be included in this repository and support other initiatives, whilst protecting ownership?

  • What organisations, programmes or initiatives are working on HSS in FCAS and should be included in the ‘organisations’ section of the repository?

The Q+A session will be an interactive and lively discussion between webinar participants. Please do come prepared to share your feedback and ask questions. 

The webinar will end with an outline of the process for further feedback and for submission of suggested additional material, along with the plan for development of the final versions.

Please do join the webinar to feedback on this important resource.

Moderator: Tim Martineau 

Speakers include: 

  • Suzanne Fustukian

  • Nicole Vidal

Please register for the webinar

For further information, please contact Nick Hooton.

Photo credit: A basic pharmacy | Juliette Humble/DFID | Flickr CC BY 2.0