Natural Resources Institute, UK (NRI)

Formerly a UK governmental agency, an institute of the University of Greenwich since 1996. Provider of research, consultancy and training services in the management of renewable natural resources. Databases include:

(a) WWW server with basic information on the organisation, its areas of expertise, publications catalogue, information on international collaborative programmes

(b) Library catalogue: contributes abstracts to Tropag database (see separate reference). Includes collection of former LRDC and Tropical Products Institute. Now included [in part?] in the University of Greenwich Library Catalogue

(c) Integrated Pest Management (IPM) database: see separate entry

(d) ODA Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) Projects Database: database of "ODA-funded projects in the Natural Resources sector. To date, the database uses 48 fields covering project titles, dates, objectives, background, work programme, funding, contacts, project outputs, publications, for example. The database is used by scientists as an historical reference and, hopefully, a management tool in providing up-to-date on-line information on research projects. The database forms ODA's input to AGREP and the United Kingdom's input to the SPAAR (Special Programme for African Agricultural Research) Information Systems". Not yet available online (though a selection of NRI projects are described on the WWW site.

(e) Integrated Rural Bamboo Project: information on the crop and its uses.

(f) ECART: consortium of European government-level agencies working on natural resource management for developing countries. NRI is a member, and its WWW site has information on its activities

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