The WorldFish Center

World Fish Centre is a research centre aiming to improve the production and management of aquatic resources in developing countries.

Information services include:

  • fishbase online and CDRom database
  • library: maintains bibliographic database on fisheries and a database on "Indo-Pacific Red Tides"
  • selective Fisheries Information Service (SFIS): question and answer, advisory and document delivery service
  • ReefBase: online database on coral reefs and their resources. The database aims to facilitate the management of coral reefs and coverage includes: ecological surveys on benthic and reef fish communities, existing stresses on reefs, harvest values for different types of fisheries by reef, coastal tourism, mariculture activities, and oceanography and management practices
  • one fish portal: collection of references and online documents focusing on the economic effects of climate change on fisheries

(World Fish Centre is renamed from International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM))

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